The 3 Hour Diet Plan

What is the 3 Hour Diet plan? Typically, every day you are given three meals, two snacks and a treat. With this diet plan, you can lose two pounds a week during the entire four-week plan.

The meals are pre-packaged and delivered to you. Developed by Jorge Cruise, he states that "this diet plan will stabilize your sugar levels thus controlling the amount of food intake." The key to this diet is to eat meals every three hours.

The basis of this diet is to eat enough to keep your metabolism at a specific level so that fat content will not be stored because your body thinks it is being starved. Makes sense, right?

In addition, as we all know, after all the fat in your body is burned, muscle is next. This is another reason why this diet has been successful. It allows fat to be burned instead of muscle.

The plan encompasses eating six meals a day, and while it may seem like that’s a lot of food to eat, the plan adjusts the caloric intake to ensure that each meal is appropriately portioned.

Studies have shown that losing one to two pounds per week is the proper way to lose weight. Moreover, there is less chance of putting the weight back on once you reach your desired weight. An exercise program, in combination with this diet plan, will enhance your chances of success.

The 3 Hour Diet plan is a unique way to lose weight and maintain metabolism levels. While some may be delighted in having to eat six meals a day, one should ensure that these meals come directly from the plan in order to achieve success.

It is important to consult your doctor to determine if this particular plan is right for you. Bring along a copy of the meal plan and let your doctor or nutritionist determine if the meals fall within the guidelines of good nutrition and healthy eating.