Acne and Vitamins

What Is Acne?

Acne affects the skin and mostly the skin on the face. You have heard of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and zits. These different skin problems can become infected and spread, leading to the acne that many experience all over their face.

There are many treatments on the market but all don’t work for every person. Many treat the symptoms but not the root cause of the acne. Sometimes we can be exacerbating our own condition by the foods that we eat.

How do you know that you have acne? If you started out with pimples, an increase in their frequency can indicate an infection.

Causes of Acne

Acne can have a variety of contributing factors. Some you can’t control like your genetic make-up and even how your hormones are behaving. But, there are others that you can tweak a bit: hygiene and diet.

As far as the hygiene, washing your face and exfoliating can go a long way to keeping the pores clean from future outbreaks of acne. But, this will only carry you so far if the nourishment that your skin is getting is inadequate.

Vitamins and Your Skin

What we eat plays a big role in how our skin looks. When the inside of the body is not working at optimal levels, the outside can’t either.

To help clear up your complexion, consider what you are eating. According to the CDC, we don’t eat as well as we should. Food is not just fuel for the body; each good food contains vitamins and minerals that organs need at their most basic level. We are often missing out on many of those, and that deficiency can allow conditions like acne to flourish.

Increasing certain vitamins in your diet can do a lot to increase the health of your skin. Start by taking a multivitamin each day. Many of these vitamins you need may be in here. For those that are not, there are other food choices you can make.

* Vitamin A – This is a component of some acne treatments. Acquiring it through foods like fruits and vegetables is more desired by the body because it is in its natural form. Vitamin A promotes new cell growth as well.

* Omega-3 fatty acids – These acids are known to reduce inflammation in the tissues and acne is definitely an inflammation. Choices include: fish, fish oil, and olive oil.

* Zinc – Boosts immune function.

* B vitamins – Increasing B vitamins can reduce inflammation on the skin. Opt for B-complex vitamin supplements so there are no deficiencies.