10 Tips for Getting Back in Shape After Pregnancy

Losing weight is never easy, especially after pregnancy. You have given your body as a comfortable home for your baby until his birth. Now, it’s time to get that house back in order. Here are some tips for regaining that pre-pregnancy baby body.

1. First of all, give yourself some time. The most important thing to be concerned about is the baby. Your body also needs some rest after nine months of sharing a body. Give it two or three months at the least before you think seriously about starting your weight-loss regimen.

2. Start slowly. The only way to stick with an exercise plan is to ease into it. Women who dive head first into exercise may get discouraged by aches and pains.

3. Don’t have unrealistic expectations. It takes time to get up enough energy to do a full workout and to lose the weight. Avoid discouragement by having small goals.

4. Do something that you love to do. You may have to work back up to it but that’s okay. If you love jogging, start out walking until you are ready to jog. Exercise for the sake of exercise will not keep you going.

5. Exercise at least three days a week to begin with. Twenty to thirty minutes three days a week will help you lose weight and keep your heart and lungs in shape. Leave a day of rest in between each workout so your body can recover.

6. Eat a healthy diet. Part of the weight-loss equation is eating the right foods. Avoid processed foods, even healthy sounding ones in the frozen food aisle. If you are breastfeeding it is important to choose carefully. Fresh fruits, whole grains, plenty of vegetables and lean meats are good for a start. Keep it wholesome for you and your baby.

7. Don’t neglect working out at home. You don’t need a fancy gym to get the exercise that you need. Pop in a video or walk around the neighborhood. The important thing is to keep moving and burn those calories.

8. Integrate your baby into the exercise. You have a built-in workout partner. Place him in a stroller and get moving. Strap on a baby harness and hit the mall.

9. Make it a family affair. Get the whole family moving for their health. Do you have older children? Take a hiking day trip on the weekend.

10. Integrate weight training. When you are ready, lifting weights will burn more calories than just aerobic activity alone. Buy a pair of dumbbells and perform a workout at home. FIRM has great DVD workouts that combine aerobics with weights for faster results.

After baby is born you could be left with a bundle of extra weight. Here are ten tips for shedding those pounds and returning to a healthy weight.

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