Straight Talk About Alcohol and Other Drugs

If you have teenagers yourself, you know how important it is to talk about alcohol and drug addiction. Kids as young as 12,and long before their legal age, experiment with alcohol and drugs, maybe out of curiosity (they might see it from parents) or due to peer pressure. Drugs and alcohol in kids can affect their overall physical and mental health and can easily spiral out of control. Honesty and straight talking with your teens is a must. But even more effective is the straight talk from other teens who’ve been there and speak from experience.

The “Straight Talk About Alcohol and Other Drugs (DVD)” is – in my opinion – a highly recommended DVD. Nineteen teenagers, from all walks of life, talk about their own personal stories of alcohol misuse and drug addiction and how it affected them. They speak of low self-esteem, isolation and alienation, suicidal tendencies and abusive relationships. They talk about reasons why they started taking drugs/alcohol, they talk about their home life, addiction in parents and other related issues.

The DVD will certainly be an eye-opener for your children, especially when they hear about the struggles of the teens to get back on track, battle addition and deal with relapse. In my opinion, this DVD is an absolute must-have to watch together with your teens. Its compelling personal stories of hitting rock bottom and the fighting to become and stay straight will definitely strike a cord with your teens and, hopefully, will keep your own teenagers away from alcohol and drug misuse.