Baby Teeth Care

Taking care of baby’s teeth is a part of taking care of their overall health. It begins before they even have teeth by taking care of the gums. Teach them good habits that will last for a lifetime.Begin to look for your baby’s teeth to come in around the fourth through the seventh month of life. Before then they will just have their shining pink gums. You can get them ready for teeth by caring for gums during that time.

Babies will either breastfeed, use a bottle or a combination of both. There are some sugars in formula and it is a good idea to clean the gums. Before teeth break the gums, bacteria can’t get at them but it is still a way to keep the area healthy.

Use a damp baby washcloth or damp gauze to gently rub their gums. It is something new so they may try to gum your finger. But they will get used to the sensation. Using a cold damp washcloth is soothing to gums when the teeth begin to come through.

Once their little teeth appear you can still use the gauze or washcloth on a daily basis to keep them clean. Baby will begin to use sippy cups and eat food, so there is more of a chance for food to get stuck and decay in the mouth.

With only two or three teeth spread far apart this is not a major concern, but cleaning each individual tooth is still a way to keep them free from acids that can affect teeth and lead to cavities.

When your baby reaches the year mark, try using a little toothpaste on a baby toothbrush to clean their teeth. They will have more of them in their mouth then. Brush them in the morning and at night. When they can hold the brush, you can teach them to do it themselves.

Only use a small amount that doesn’t contain any fluoride. Baby will not be adept at spitting so they need something that is safe for them to swallow.

As they get older you can use fluoride rinses that show them where they missed spots on their teeth, to teach them to brush better for themselves. It’s better to use that at night so they don’t go to daycare with blue spots on their teeth.