Balancing Work and Family

Today more than ever, fathers are not satisfied with absenteeism and a life full of regret and hard feelings. They want to learn how to balance both work and family. If you are that type of father, read on to learn how to master this balancing act.

* Give yourself a cushion – It can be easy to have meetings and soccer games back to back. The problem here is that there is no room for human error. And, more than likely, you will miss the game over the meeting. Do your best not to schedule meetings late on days that you are attending functions for your kids or time with the spouse. With built-in travel time you can relax and get everywhere you need to be.

* Prioritize – What if you have a chance to fit one more thing into your day before you go home? Is it that important that it can’t wait until the next day? If it can wait, then go home and get extra time with your family. Create a calendar that encompasses work and family time so they won’t overlap.

* Get in good shape – Even with schedules and prioritizing it can be draining to always be busy. Get a check-up each year. Stay on top of aches and pains and get help so that you can be around for your kids throughout their lives.

* Make career choices – If you are on the fast track, is it worth it to be a workaholic? Too much work can lead to increased levels of stress. That can put pressure on your home life as well. Find ways to be more creative and efficient at work. That way you can get as much done as possible in eight or nine hours and feel free to go home with no guilt.

* Have dinner together – Families that eat together are more communicative and have better relationships with their families. Always make mealtime and establish a rapport with your family.