What Is the Bowen Technique?

This process was developed by Tom Bowen in Australia in the 50s. He believed that he could sense different vibrations throughout the systems of the body through finger touches. These vibrations alerted him to tension within the muscles, organs and also the nerves. He was not trained as a doctor, but used his skills to heal thousands of people of their pain this way.

The word got out and the world embraced the Bowen technique. Centers are training practitioners to provide this alternative treatment that works for adults, children, infants and animals.

This is not a massage technique. It is a way of helping the body to identify its problem and participate in its healing. Through finger touches, vibrations are sensed that map out areas that are in need of manipulation. Speaking of nerves, the brain controls the nervous system, eliciting responses to stimuli throughout the body.

The Bowen technique allows the body to deal with the stressors and manage them effectively. This brings the body back to a state of balance. This is done by direct contact with muscles, nerves, joints and the lymphatic system.

The technique is performed through thin clothing. There are no oils or other chemicals used in the treatment. After each manipulation, the practitioner leaves so that the body has time to process what has been done. For children and infants, this change is often immediate. More changes take place over the following few days.

Children are treated in the presence of their parents. If they are shy, they can be manipulated while their parents hold them. The sessions are not long, so your child doesn’t have to stay still a long time. This is perfect for small children since they have short attention spans.

The technique has helped with childhood conditions like asthma and hip dysplasia. Children with disabilities have also been helped with movement and relief of pain in their bodies.

Children usually respond well to the technique because it shouldn’t cause pain. Pleasant results help them to be more open to future sessions.

Those who use the Bowen technique are encouraged to do a few things before and after sessions. The first is to drink lots of water. Water flushes the toxins that have been released through finger touches, out of the body. The second is to take it easy for a while. This allows the body to use its energy to heal.

Adult are not the only ones who benefit from the Bowen technique. Children and babies can be helped with the non-invasive techniques for total body balance.