Boxing is a Great Exercise for Women

A fitness craze began in the early 90s which combined boxing with aerobic exercise. Tae Bo is still popular these days and offers a good basis for women to get stronger and leaner while still having fun. Today, variations on that theme are everywhere: female boxing gyms, kickboxing, aerobic boxing and other programs that incorporate a combination of these themes.

How Boxing Helps

Boxing may look like a bunch of punches to the face and body but it is more than that. The entire body gets a workout when punches are done correctly. Techniques don’t have to be done on another person. Shadow boxing and using the punching bag increase proper technique and that in turn increases strength.


Women genetically have lower upper body strength. Boxing uses isometric training to build and tone the muscles of the arms - biceps and triceps. Punches are controlled so muscles need to be engaged throughout the movement.

Aerobic kickboxing not only incorporates punches but also lower body kicks. Like the punches, controlling kicks means using proper technique and isometric movement which aids in muscle growth and strength.


To throw an effective punch, the body has to move from a point of stability. Balance begins in the core (abdominals and lower back muscles). Tightening the core throughout each punch or kick increases balance so you can punch or kick without falling. This gets the abs in shape also.


Boxing is a sport that can be utilized for means of defense as well. Being able to kick and punch effectively not only increases your power but also your confidence in your ability to defend yourself. These techniques are useful in other areas of your life besides just in the gym or aerobic class.

Endurance and Weight Loss

With each punch you will get stronger. Muscle burns more calories than fat so you will get a weight-loss benefit with regular exercise. Aerobic kickboxing adds an element of movement that increases your heart rate. Over time, you will be able to perform for longer.

Increased Fitness Level

Boxing, whether sparring or aerobic, increases the fitness of the body. You can gain strength and endurance in these series of moves that is as effective as performing aerobics and weight training separately.

As fitness increases, proper execution will as well. Stronger moves increase muscle growth and can make a workout more effective than before.