Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, that is true for many reasons. But, still, so many people skip breakfast. Is it helping or hurting our health?

In a word, yes - skipping breakfast is hurting our health. Dieticians have been saying it for years now and some of us still aren’t getting it. Leaving this meal in favor of a cup of coffee is not going to help you stay true to a healthy eating plan during the day.

Think about your body. You have slept all night. If you were awake, would you go six, seven or even eight hours without food? Of course you wouldn’t. When you skip breakfast you are going almost half a day before you have your first meal. Your body is starved for nutrition.

Here are the drawbacks to leaving the house without something to eat:

* Loss of energy. You just woke up so you are already feeling a little low. But, without any fuel to get that engine going again, you won’t regain the energy you need to start the day.

* Loss of focus. Without the nutrition to concentrate, your mind will get fuzzy. For children, this can hinder the learning process in school. All they will want to do is lay their head on their desk. It is hard to pay attention when you are hungry.

* Eating all the wrong things. This is where the vicious cycle comes in. When you skip breakfast, you are more edgy because you are hungry. To compensate you grab something quick from the vending machine. Naturally it will be loaded with calories and fat. For about an hour or so you are moving with energy, but then comes the crash. In order to keep on going, you need more sugar. It is a quick fix that can lead to a rollercoaster ride all day and extra pounds for your trouble.

Eating breakfast heads off these poor outcomes. With food in your belly, the body can maintain a high level of performance. Even if you eat an energy bar, a cup of yogurt with fruit, an egg with toast or something else small you are setting yourself up for a day that is filled with energy. When you are nourished you are better able to handle the pressures of your day without resorting to overeating.

Those who eat breakfast also get better nutrition than those who don’t. Most breakfast bars contain high fiber and lower fat. Yogurt contains calcium and vitamin D. you are getting what you need in the beginning so you can last until the end.

Eating first thing in the morning is important to your well-being and overall health. Keep ready-made foods on hand so you don’t leave the house without your breakfast.