Tips for Breastfeeding Multiples

One of the many challenges new moms face is giving birth to multiples. Logistics aside, the most important aspect of having multiple births is finding ways to comfortably and effectively breast feed all the babies. Here are some tips for breast feeding multiples.

Stay calm. There are many methods you can use to ensure all your babies are fed on time and throughout the day and night. One of them is utilizing a breast pump. While you can still breast feed your babies the old fashioned way, a breast pump will allow you to feed more than one at any time. Check out the many breast pump products available. There are manual pumps, and electric pumps (although the electric pumps are expensive, many moms have suggested renting them out). In addition, you can use the breast pump on both breasts and double the amount of milk production at the same time.

Enlist the aid of your family. While you are breast feeding two of your babies, the milk supply obtained by using the pump can be used to feed the others with the assistance of your family and friends.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Assign tasks to family members so that daily household duties such as cleaning, washing, and meal preparation are taken care of while you take care of your babies’ needs.

Rest when you can. The rule of thumb is when babies sleep, mommy sleeps. Even if all of your babies do not sleep at the same time, your family members can take over so you have enough time to take a nap and reenergize.

Ensure there is a quiet room where you can breastfeed. Set up a room in your home away from phones and TVs. You will need a quiet place where you can breastfeed your babies and a room of this type is very conducive to keeping both you and your babies calm.

Maintain a healthy diet. With all of the demands of your babies being placed upon you, it is important that you remain strong healthy and emotionally. Drink plenty of milk and include vegetables and protein in your diet.

Reduce your stress level. Play soothing instrumental music such as sounds of the ocean. Use some yoga techniques and meditation to bring your inner self to a calm and restful state. Try not to allow anyone or anything to invoke negativity in your life. Stress can make breastfeeding that much more difficult.

While these are just some tips for breast feeding multiples, you may have found your own method to ensure your babies are well fed and happy. Whatever works, do it. If you are happy, your babies will sense it and exhibit happiness as well.