Avoid Burnout

Burnout can occur anywhere. Most people think about it in terms of the workplace because many people have high-stress jobs. But, burnout can occur at home as well. With work being stressful at times, you don’t want to come home to the same thing. That can send anyone tumbling off into oblivion.

Let’s start with the job. Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at a desk, outdoors or trying to get things done for others. It can become a pressure cooker. But, you can deal with it if you are ready to make a change.

* Let it go – When tempers flare, most people say things they may not mean. Recognizing that this happens, take comments with a grain of sand. Nothing that we do will please everyone. Taking it personally just makes the encounter that much more scathing. Affirm your positive traits and let the rest go.

* Say no – We often take on more projects than we can handle. It could be for money or to gain favor for a promotion. Either way, it could backfire. When you take on too much, there is no time for anything else. And, instead of performing one or more jobs to the best of your abilities, you get several mediocre results. Lighten your load for better results.

* Let off steam – This doesn’t mean boxing your co-workers. Choose an activity that you can do away from work that brings you back into mental balance. Exercise works well because it releases endorphins and increases oxygen to the brain. You can look at your situation from a different perspective that is healthier than the one you had before.

Some of us work from home. Others are stay-at-home parents who may feel like they rarely get a break. When you begin to approach burnout, everyone is at risk for the fallout. Do yourself and them a favor: Turn your home into a happy place of retreat again.

* Everybody hurts sometime – Like the songwriter said, when you hurt, you can cry. Crying releases the valve on your emotions. You can get it all out and then move on.

* Laugh a lot – Spend time remembering funny situations or watching a funny movie together. The harder you laugh, the more stress and pent-up frustration you are releasing. It is a good thing for you and your family.

* Take a vacation – This can be a mental one. Create an area for yourself in your home (or outside) that reminds you of a favorite place you like to go. Sit and let yourself slip away into that place to calm down and regroup.