Cellulite Exercises

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the dimply appearance your skin can have. And yes, it does look like cottage cheese. In reality it is fat beneath the surface of the skin.

The skin is undergirded by a network of fibers called collagen and elastin. They provide the strength and framework for your skin. When skin is firm, these fibers are close together supporting and keeping fat in its place.

This framework can get stretched or weakened as we age or as we gain weight. As a result, fat can creep between the spaces and poke out, giving a dimpled appearance in certain areas. Those areas are ones that typically see weight gain first and the fastest: thighs, hips, bellies and arms.

So how do you fight back and push that fat back into place? Well, you’ll need to get rid of the fat. Reducing the size of fat cells reduces cellulite and tightens and tones your skin again. Here’s where you begin.

Exercises for Cellulite

The largest muscles burn the most fat. These would also be the muscles that get that dimply cellulite – the leg muscles.

* Squats – These increase strength in the quadriceps muscles, the gluteals and the hamstring muscles. Don’t be afraid to use heavy weights. These muscles can take it without looking overly muscular like a bodybuilder.

* Lunges – This exercise moves one leg in front of the other. It targets the hip flexors, gluteals, and the front of the thighs.

* Abductor exercises – We often forget that there is a side to our legs until we put on that bathing suit. Exercises that move the leg away from the body work the outer thigh. Performing these exercises in the pool will increase your balance and the amount of resistance, making them highly effective.

Dietary Changes

Exercise will help burn the fat already stored on your body. But, to keep that fat burning we need to reduce the amount of fat entering the body through our diet.

* Fresh fruit and vegetables – These foods are not only good for you but also good to you. They contain antioxidants and also nutrients that the body needs. Eating them will assist the body in eliminating toxins that have built up and slowed the body’s metabolic processes.

* Whole grains – They provide fiber. Fiber improves digestion and elimination of toxins. Also, it helps remove fat from your diet. Whole grains keep blood sugar steady so you have fewer cravings for sweets and sweet snacks between meals.