How Can We Engage Our Children in Exercise?

We live in an electronic age in which our kids are sitting in front of the TV for hours playing Nintendo or Xbox or whatever the newest game appears on the scene. Moreover, with computers playing a major role in their education, they can be sitting for hours engaging in homework assignments or chatting online.

Some of the ways in which we can get our children to exercise more often is to put a restriction on the amount of time they watch TV. While recess time at school is limited to 40 minutes, most kids just hang out; rarely participating in any type of exercise. It is up to parents then to set the tone for an exercise program in which the entire family can participate in.

Give them break times after school and invite other children over to play. Children need to get rid of all that pent up energy. Have your child walk the dog, if you have one. This is great exercise. On weekends, the entire family can go to the local park and engage in sports activities. Take walks after dinner; or go for a bike ride.

In addition, most schools today have after school sports activities which your child can join. Perhaps they can even join their school or community little league. Regardless of the sport, children need to exercise when they are young and still growing.

Instead of taking the car to the mall, walk there with your child, if you can. Buy a basketball hoop for your backyard, or soccer net. No exercise is too minimal. Participating in exercise as a family can be a wonderful asset to the child, and build self-esteem as well.