What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease that is characterized by a feeling of extreme tiredness that doesn’t improve after resting. It’s as if you had your eyes closed but were awake the entire time. This disease is very distressing because there is no one way to diagnose it and many are reluctant to believe that you are experiencing anything tangible.

CFS and fibromyalgia have shared the same stigma. Sufferers were thought to be imagining their symptoms. None of the usual tests could detect anything wrong. The fatigue was even thought to be a symptom of other conditions.

The disease is characterized by not only fatigue but also pain in the joints, neck and armpits, muscle soreness, headaches, sore throat, sleeping issues and trouble concentrating. Doctors consider chronic fatigue syndrome as a diagnosis if you have experienced these symptoms for at least six months. They also stipulate that four of the symptoms have to have begun at the same time. That doesn’t mean that your tiredness is not truly CFS.

Researchers are still in the dark about the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. In some cases, the disease has developed after a bout of the flu or a bacterial infection. However, there has not been any proof of this link or any other when it comes to this disease.

It is important to rule out other conditions as the cause, so the diagnosing process may be lengthy. One complication that can occur is depression. For someone who has trouble even getting out of bed in the morning, depression is not uncommon. The symptoms of depression can serve to make the disease of CFS worse.

When talking to your doctor, describe your symptoms in as much detail as you can. A clear picture of your situation makes for a better diagnosis. If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, then you know how it can hinder your life. If you are too tired to work and perform other activities for long periods of time, this can affect your livelihood and how you take care of your family.

People with CFS do have good days. You will have times when you feel good and can perform daily tasks but the trick here is not to overdo it. Going too hard can cause a relapse and you could feel even worse than before for several weeks.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a mysterious disease. The exact cause is not known, but the results of such extreme fatigue are debilitating. If you have experienced any symptoms for at least half a year, contact your doctor and get checked out.