Colloidal Silver: Health Warning

A product called colloidal silver has been utilized as an alternative health treatment.

Although many natural products currently on the market have been beneficial in treating disease and promoting well-being, there are several products with inflated claims that can, if taken in excess, cause health problems. This product is one of them.

The product is supposed to be taken in a variety of ways, ranging from sprays on the skin to solutions placed beneath the tongue.

In fact, some website even advertise schemes for making this “home brewed” concoction using batteries and wire.

The theory behind this product is that it is toxic to many bacteria and viruses, which are the causes of most infections. Thus, ingestion would kill these organisms, curing you of your disease.

Unfortunately, for true devotees of alternative health, this product does not deliver as promised. In fact, ingestion of too much of it leads to a permanent and irreversible bluish-grey discoloration of the skin, called argyria. This condition cannot be treated or cured by any traditional medicine or natural remedy.

Unfortunately for the many honest practitioners of alternative health, this product continues to be marketed as an all-purpose antibiotic, with no mention of its unfortunate side effects.

Some false advertising even claims that many people suffer from a “silver deficiency” that is the cause of unspecified ailments, which are cured by utilizing this treatment.

This claim is false. The human body does not need this product. Because of this, for most people knowledgeable regarding alternative health, it represents the opposite of what they are trying to achieve, as alternative health seeks to restore balance within the human body. Among the many means of obtaining alternative health, colloidal silver has no place and should not be used for any reason.