Dance Therapy

Dance therapy is a good exercise and fun to do. For seniors, dancing is not only healthy but also a way to interact with others their own age.

Getting old is not for sissies. It can be tough to find out that one day your joints are stiff and you can’t move as fast as you once did. This can lead to depression, isolation and feelings of loneliness in the older generation.

Enter: the world of dance. Dance therapy programs are cropping up everywhere in senior centers and nursing homes. It is a way to bring seniors a renewed zest for life and a better quality of life.

Any type of physical activity that is performed regularly can boost the immune system and create a state of good feeling. That is due to the endorphins that are released. Where once a senior may have sat by themselves, now they are moving to the beat of songs that they grew up on as well as a few new ones they might like.

The lessons in dance therapy are choreographed to get seniors using all of their body parts. Moving the arms increases the heart rate. Moving the arms and legs together improves hand-eye coordination, balance and core strength. These muscles are even engaged slightly, when the upper and lower body are working together.

More surprising still is that the fever is catching on. Seniors who participate in dance therapy like the feeling and the camaraderie. You get to mingle with others like yourself and stay involved.

How long the sessions are depends on the age and mobility of the class, as well as the strenuousness of the workout. Those seniors who are in wheelchairs or who can’t stand for very long can also move to the beat and reap the benefits.

Muscle tone will improve as well as strength. In the core region this supports your body and helps prevent injuries when lifting, pulling or pushing. What does that translate into? Seniors will notice a more steady gait as well as improved balance. There will be less falls due to weakened muscles and joints.

All seniors are advised to start slow with any exercise program. Experienced instructors for dance therapy will know how to get started without injury and then steadily improve endurance and balance.

Do you know a senior who could benefit from dancing the night away? Find a dance therapy program near you. It has helped many other seniors to feel better about their overall health, increase their balance and reduce the number of injuries.