What Is Dandruff?

Dandruff is actually dead skin that is sloughing off your scalp. Like skin cells on the rest of your body, the uppermost layer dies and the cells are removed, without anyone much noticing. With dandruff, something else is also going on. There is dryness there as well, which makes the skin more noticeable.

According to the experts, the cells of the skin go through a cycle in which they are renewed every 45 days. In people with dandruff, this cycle occurs quicker than normal. The sloughing cells lose moisture and are thicker. This is one reason that they can be seen. The loss of moisture can make your scalp itch, which aids in the visibility of these clumps of dead cells.

What causes dandruff? No one is certain as to the root cause but there are several speculations. One is stress. It is a fact that stress in excess can alter your body chemistry and lead to a change in hormonal cycles in the body.

This abnormal skin cycle can also lead to an increase in skin flora. These microorganisms can break down the oil in sebaceous glands, causing inflammation on the scalp. Now you are scratching and itching.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff

It can be quite uncomfortable to have to scratch your head in public or wipe flakes off your clothes. Still, it is not proven to lead to baldness. Constant harsh scratching can do damage to the skin of your scalp, however. Taking care of dandruff when you notice it is the best course of action. Here are some tips:

* Wash your hair often – Washing the hair gets rid of excess oils which are a breeding ground for skin flora and irritation.

* Try dandruff shampoo – This can restore moisture to the scalp while removing flakes and stopping the itch. Allow the shampoo to penetrate the hair shaft before rinsing. Repeat a couple of times.

* Add oil to the scalp – Adding a little bit of oil can make it easier to remove dandruff without more irritation. The clumps of dead skin will cling to the oil and you can brush them from your hair.

* Talk to a dermatologist – Even though dandruff is not dangerous, consulting a professional can ensure that nothing else is wrong with your scalp at the same time.