Diet Pills

Diet pills are everywhere. They lay claims that they can do everything from helping you lose twenty pounds in a month to burning extra fat while you eat what you want. However, the commercials may not be what they seem. Some say that results are not typical and others claim that results are not even as good as they claim.

With all of that said, diet pill sales are still climbing each year. People want answers to their weight issues. But, before you reach for another pill, investigate the facts.

Diet Pill Facts

There are a few facts but most of them concern the downside of diet pills. Remember Fen-Phen? It was pulled off the market for causing problems with mitral heart valves and other conditions. The ingredients in these diet pills are not good for your body.

The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t classify diet pills as food. That means that they are not regulated by any government agency. These companies can put different substances in their pills and it is up to the buyer to beware.

Some diet pills can become addictive. When you take them you feel better and feel a withdrawal when you stop. Anything addictive is not necessarily good for the body.

Take Precautions

Read the labels. See exactly what they are placing in the diet pills. On most labels, companies are required to list their ingredients in relation to their presence in the finished product. This means that if hoodia is added to a diet pill and is near the bottom of the ingredient list, then the pill contains other substances in greater amount than this main ingredient.

Consult your doctor or a nutritionist. They have made it their business to study diet and nutrition. They may be able to give you a handle on which pills are not good and which ones are safe to use.

Most pills, whether diet or prescription, have side effects. Know them before you buy a diet pill. Common side effects are insomnia, headache, dry mouth and diarrhea. More serious side effects of some diet pills include heart palpitations, angina, dizziness and heart arrhythmias. If you feel any of these things, stop taking your pills immediately.

Since diet pills are not regulated, their ingredients are not subject to scrutiny. The side effects of these pills can range from mild to life threatening. Know what you are getting into before you use them.