Healthy Dinners for Family

Healthy Heart Food Categories

* Whole grains – Whole grains lower the blood sugar levels. When your sugar is level then you are secreting enough of the hormone insulin to fuel your cellular needs. Whole grains also contain lots of fiber to help you feel full so you eat less.

* Vegetables – Vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are vital to cellular metabolism and repair. The majority of the vitamins and minerals that the body needs are obtained from natural sources like food.

* Beans – These contain lean protein which is needed for muscle growth. The heart is a muscle so it needs protein to stay healthy.

* Lean meats – This is animal protein and also needed for muscle growth. Try lean pork, beef and poultry. Eating fish, including seafood like shrimp, will also provide protein and vital minerals without the added saturated fat.

* Fruits – These satisfy a sweet tooth. Instead of eating a candy bar, try a fresh piece of fruit. It has fewer calories and more vitamins.

Dinner Ideas

* Vegetarian lasagna – Whole wheat pasta reduces the carbs for this meal. Also, try adding vegetables and low-fat cheeses instead of meat. Increase fiber content without increasing unnecessary fat which is bad for your heart.

* Chicken and vegetable casserole – Lean chicken breasts provide protein while vegetables like broccoli and carrots increase nutrition, even for kids who don’t care for vegetables. Bind it all together with a low-fat cream soup like cream of mushroom or cream of chicken. Don’t forget the brown or wild rice for fiber.

* Grilled meats – Grilling fish or lean meats reduces the fat content. You can grill all year round with a gas grill and a love of fewer calories in your diet. For a refreshing taste, grill your veggies in foil as well.

* Wrap sandwiches – Dinner doesn’t have to be heavy. In fact, lunch is better as the heaviest meal of the day. For dinner, go light and easy. Use lean beef or chicken strip to make a satisfying tortilla wrap. Add diced veggies to complete your sandwich.