Early Star Monkey Tunes Window Shade

If you are a parent, you will have experienced crying and upset babies whilst in their car seat. And I am sure you will have tried and tested many ways of keeping your little one entertained and happy. One problem could be that your little one is just plain bored or maybe even that the sun is in their eyes to make it uncomfortable for them to see anything.

The Early Star Monkey Tunes Window Shade does various things: it keeps your baby entertained and at the same time it keeps them shaded from the sun. It is a very funky and colorful window shade that attaches to the window with the use of suction cups. The background of the window shade is bright and cheerful with a design that resembles grass and sky with bees buzzing and a lion lurking. In the middle of the shade sits a monkey that moves and spins. At the same time, with the help of a remote control, you can control the music action and blinking lights for your baby's entertainment. The remote easily attaches to the car's visor for example for easy access and use by the driver.

Hopefully, with the help of this fun window shade, your next car trip with your baby will be easy. Instead of crying and whimpers, you'll hear the giggles and gurgles of your precious little one, as she/he enjoys the spinning monkey, the blinking lights and the songs.