A Father For the First Time!

Are you a father-to-be? If so, the best advice is to jump in with both feet. Here are some tips to help you deal with the overwhelming nature of fatherhood.

* Watch your partner – As a woman, pregnancy brings you closer to your baby even though you have not seen their face or heard their voice. The baby is always with you and you feel a certain responsibility for their wellbeing. When the baby is actually here, that motherly instinct kicks in. As a new father, take your cues from your partner. They are going on instinct but they have had nine months to cultivate it. See how they interact with the baby and try those same techniques.

* Give your partner a break – There are no hard and fast rules for your children. It is trial and error. When they cry, they could be hungry or wet or hurting. You’ll only figure out the difference in cries when you spend time with them. Let your partner sleep as much as possible and take the time to bond with your new little one. It’s a win-win situation.

* Hold your baby – Babies love to be held and that includes by dad as well as mom. Sing to them. Lull them to sleep. Play with them. Let them get comfortable in your arms.

* Talk to your child – They may have heard your voice from the womb but now they can put a face to the name. Speak using real words and not just baby talk. Let your child know your voice.

* Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – Many new parents are overprotective of their child or call the nurse for every little thing. That’s okay. It shows that you care. It takes time to develop that sixth sense but you can do it.

* Get things prepared before baby comes – Fix up the room, get the clothes organized and discuss feeding rotations with your partner. This will all help you feel more at ease when the baby actually comes. Use a doll baby to practice diapering and feeding.