Feed Your Face: Younger, Smoother Skin and a Beautiful Body in 28 Days

The author of Feed Your Face is Dr Jessica Wu, a Harvard-educated dermatologist who treats many actors/actresses. In this book she passes on her experience and knowledge of our largest organ, the skin. Her book is very user-friendly and easy to read. It is split into four sections. The first section covers facts you need to know about skin in general, how she sees the correlation between skin and diet. Also learn about "skin enemies", such as wrinkles or acne.

Section 2 and 3 of the book gives you more detailed information on skin conditions, and how food plays an important role in either aggravating or clearing up certain problems. You will find a month's worth of easy to make and delicious recipes to help your skin deal with certain conditions. Learn about which foods to avoid or eat to minimize fine lines and signs of aging and how to eat to help your skin deal with eczema. The recommended diet could be alongside a treatment plan you already have for a more serious skin condition and it could help you to reduce the amount of conventional medication you might have to use. In any case, the Feed Your Face diet will help you to achieve a positive glow of your skin and, at the same time, you might even lose weight. Section 4 of the book covers minor cosmetic procedures some women might contemplate in addition to the diet: Dr Wu gives you the low-down on chemical peels, Botox, laser treatment, what to expect, how to find the right doctor etc.

I like the fact that each section of the book has interesting real-life stores, tips, and also before and after photos for real impact. Overall, this is a book for every woman (and man) who wants to look their best at any age. It gives you a good understanding on how your skin works, gives you an overview of various skin conditions and how food can play a major role in treating your conditions.