Benefits of Foot Massages

There is an art to it. A good foot reflexology massage may take about 45 minutes to perform. To soften the feet, soak them in a warm foot bath. You can use aromatherapy oils to open the pores and bring about a calming effect, just like using aromatherapy for any other type of massage.

Use one foot at a time. Massage the foot with oil. This makes it easier for your hands to knead the foot without friction. Move the foot around to warm it up before the actual massage technique begins.

Be sure that the foot is supported on a soft surface like a massage table. Start with the toes. Gently apply pressure to each toe. Squeeze the toes and then proceed down the foot towards the heel and up to above the ankle. If you are getting the massage, try to relax your foot. Staying tense will only make it harder to feel the effects of the work.

Start again but this time twist the foot gently from side to side. Work your way from the toes up to above the ankles.

Now, stroke the foot. Use your fingers to stroke the tops of the feet. On the bottoms, use the thumbs. They apply firmer pressure so that you won’t tense up even if you are a little ticklish.

Don’t forget the nooks and crannies of your feet like the area around the ankle. Knead the area around your heel also to soften and reduce tension.

The toes are a primary focus of the foot massage. They will be stroked, kneaded and pressure applied between the toes to soothe them.

Benefits of a Foot Massage

We have a lot of nerve endings and capillaries in the feet. They are connected to other areas of the body here. That is where reflexology comes in. By stimulating a certain area of the foot, another portion of the body is affected.

* Healing – Circulation is increased with a foot massage. This works for diabetic patients who have trouble with wound healing, especially on the feet. The increased blood flow can speed healing.

* Surgical pain – Foot massage can help to reduce pain after a surgical procedure elsewhere in the body. The amount of medication you have to take could be little or none.

* Vascular disease – Faulty valves can lead to fluid retention in the tissues and problems with the veins in your legs. Massaging the foot can help increase the blood flow to these areas preventing serious problems with clots, excess fluid and pain.