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Therapies that may be included at alternative health associates clinics may include guided imagery therapy, humor therapy, or hypnosis.

Guided imagery, or the practice of walking through suggestions of images within your thoughts, is a popular offering at alternative health associates clinics.

Guided imagery is best taught and personalized by a seasoned instructor, but can be successfully reproduced at home with guided imagery tapes or CDs.

The purpose of guided imagery is to help create a state of relaxation. Because guided imagery is so often tied together with all senses, the sense of calm that it creates can help improve your sense of well-being.

Humor therapy is another technique that may be offered at an alternative health clinic. Humor therapy harnesses the euphoric feeling of smiling and laughter in order to create a sense of well-being by allowing individuals to let go of their fears, anger, and stress during a good laugh.

Scientific research has shown that humor therapy can be advantageous for boosting one’s immune system, and anyone who’s experienced a sincere, big, belly laugh lately can tell you how relaxed you might feel after undergoing humor therapy.

Hypnosis may also be offered at alternative health clinics as a means for individuals to feel a greater sense of well-being.

Hypnosis is comprised of a guided program where individuals focus their concentrations on one aspect so intently that they become unaware of their surroundings.

The practice of hypnosis places individuals in a deep, relaxed state. Hypnosis is most usually associated with the treatment of anxiety, stress, and phobias; however, it has also been used in the treatment of asthma, diabetes, and obesity.

Hypnosis has been recognized by the American Medical Association as a valid treatment for some illnesses and disorders.