Health Clinics

Just because there may be three or four alternative health clinics in your town doesn't mean that all three or four are exactly right for you.

Selecting the right clinic is a big deal, just like choosing the right doctor. It is the key to ensuring that you receive the best alternative health care possible.

Speak to your primary care provider or someone you trust to see if they know of a reputable clinic in your area. Make a list of all you are interested in and research them before making your first visit.

Ask about their credentials and practice. Where did the providers receive their education from? Is the clinic licensed? What are their fees? Finding this out can go a long way in helping you to make a decision.

You also want to be sure that if you are insured, your insurance company will pay for the visit. Some insurance providers do and some don't. You'll want to know whether the fees will be coming straight out of your pocket or if the insurance company will help you to pay the bill.

Once you have chosen the clinic you feel is the best for you, prepare a list of questions to ask your provider and be prepared to answer questions about medications you are taking and past medical history.

Once you have made a visit to the clinic, assess the visit to better understand how you feel about that particular clinic. Were you comfortable? Did your provider answer your questions? Did he seem knowledgeable about your condition? Are you satisfied with the plan of treatment he has given you?

If you found the right care giver the first time around, great! If not, try out other alternative health clinics until you find one that is right for you.