Health Magazine

It’s not too hard these days to find an alternative health magazine. This literature is available at many bookstores and alternative health stores.

A comprehensive website is Alternative Medicine. Subscribers have the advantage of earning preferred practitioner discount rates. This website vows to help “its passionate readers to improve their health and quality of their lives.”

Alternative Medicine is an easy-to-understand rundown of recent research on supplements, herbs, nutrition, and products for everyday living.

More information can be found on the website at Alternative Medicine. The website also offers comprehensive information on past articles, including an up-to-date database on alternative health medication.

Totalhealth also offers special reports on nutritional supplements and free newsletters for subscribers. This alternative health publication's editorial board has a number of experts in the fields of allopathic and naturopathic medicine, and a significant number of totalhealth’s article writers have earned their doctorates in naturopathy.

Totalhealth provides readers with insightful articles based on research for common health ailments like cardiovascular disease, premenstrual syndrome, and insomnia. This site, along with Healthy Talk Radio, Citizens for Health, and the Campaign for Better Health, have formed an alliance named the American Wellness Network. More information on totalhealth can be found at Total Health.

If you’re looking for internet-based alternative health publications, look no further than Alternative Health News Online. Available at Alternative Health News, this Canadian-based website with daily updates on health news, e-mail newsletters, health news bulletins, and a comprehensive database of alternative health supplements and mind/body therapies.

With so many publications available on the news stands and on the internet, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find alternative health literature that suits your needs.