Health Plan

Do you know if your insurance company offers an alternative health plan? If not, perhaps you should ask them about adding one.

There has been an almost dynamic rise in the number of people that are switching from a conventional medical doctor relationship to alternative medicine. Some insurance companies now offer alternative healthcare plans to meet the growing demand for alternative medicine care.

If enough people want this service, eventually the insurance companies will provide this to keep from losing business and money.

Right now there are very few insurers who offer an alternative healthcare plans. Before making an appointment at an alternative health clinic, you need to check with your insurance company to make sure they have the coverage.

If they do, you need to find out what portion of the therapy cost the insurance company will cover; if they will cover any alternative medicines such as vitamins and supplements; and if there is a co-pay.

You will also need to contact the clinic that you want to visit and ask them if they take the plan that your insurance company offers. Even with insurance, you could still carry a great deal of the cost for the visit.

If you have a alternative healthcare plan, you have the opportunity to receive such services as acupunture, chiropractic medicine, massage therapy, and homeopathy.

Alternative medicine is for people who feel that there are other ways to deal with health issues they may be having other than a traditional medicine or surgery that their primary physician may offer.

Should you choose to take advantage of alternative health plans, ask your primary caregiver to recommend you to an alternative healthcare specialist or obtain recommendations from friends or family you trust that may have used alternative health services in the past.