Health Product

The introduction of an alternative health product into one’s life need not be a daunting one. The answer to your problems may be right there under your nose. . . aromatherapy, of course!

Aromatherapy is the practice of using a plant’s naturally aroma-producing essential oils for preventative and healing measures.

Essential oils are extracted from a number of different plant parts, including the leaves, flowers, bark, or roots. The essential oils, which can usually be purchased pure at an alternative health specialty store, can be found in lotions, perfumed sprays, bath oils, or other forms created for easy use and dispersal.

When purchasing essential oils, take note never to ingest the aromatherapeutics – they are highly potent compounds that can be harmful and can cause irritable damage, especially to young children.

Although aromatherapy may be considered a modern alternative, the practice dates back to Europe in the early 1900s and consists of the stimulation of nerves in the nose by the combination of scents. Caused by the nerves intimate ties with emotion, the oils can trigger a number of different responses ranging from the relaxation to the stimulation.

Most alternative product aroma therapeutic oils are purchased for the intention of promoting calm and relieving stress. However, essential oils have also been used in the treatment of burns, infection, hypertension, and insomnia.

Due to the fact that aromatherapy with essential oils is not a licensed medical practice in the United States, choose wisely when locating a professional who provides this alternative product.

Many licensed health professionals such as massage therapists or doctors of naturopathy may have experience with aromatherapy and can provide expert advice.