Healthy Desserts

Banana Splits

Banana splits are a diner favorite. Over time, that skinny banana has gained a few pounds. Slim down the calories without slimming the taste. The banana itself is an excellent source of potassium. They are also filling and not too sweet.

Add three scoops of fat-free frozen yogurt or low-fat ice cream instead of the regular variety. The taste will still be creamy but with half of the calories and fat. If you know how and you have the time, create your own home-made ice cream.

Banana splits wouldn’t be great without the chocolate syrup. Dark chocolate is a welcome alternative. It contains more cocoa than even milk chocolate and is full of good antioxidants. The sweetness is milder but will complement your banana and ice cream perfectly.

Fruit Salad

Fruit is nature’s candy. If you dry them, the natural sugars are concentrated to create a sweet and healthy treat anytime you want one. To avoid preservatives, create your own. The same goes for an un-dried fruit salad. Use fresh fruit in season for a fresher taste. Add cranberries and raisins for that zing.

For a twist, try a fruit that you haven’t eaten before. Countries around the world eat fruits that we haven’t even tasted. Throw in a star fruit or a mango or some pomegranate seeds. Top with shaved coconut and whipped cream.

Cake Recipes

Use egg whites instead of whole eggs and applesauce for at least half of the oil that the recipe calls for.

Turn a regular cake into a chocolate one with a few squares of dark chocolate. It is better for you than milk chocolate. The same goes for making glazes or icings for your cake. Make a fruit compote to accompany your cake on the side instead of icing.

Try these three dessert ideas to get you in the healthy frame of mind to create other desserts.