6 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Family

* Get moving - Exercise is more fun together than done alone. Take a daily trip to the park for a refreshing walk. Do you have bikes? Don those protective helmets and hit a trail in your town or city.

* Take a class – Gyms will be ramping up as many people come out to shed their winter gear and sculpt a new body for the summer. Find a class that you like: aerobics, kickboxing, step aerobics, spinning, kettlebell workouts or weight training. In a class setting you get camaraderie and helpful instruction.

* Eat light – As the weather gets warmer, you don’t want to be bogged down with heavy foods. Soups and stews were okay for winter but now you can eat more colorful fare like fresh fruit, veggies you can carry to snack on and salads. If you need a little protein, add lean meat to your salad or peanut butter to an apple or stalk of celery.

* Learn to de-stress – The body may need a push to release the pent-up energy. Having a massage can get the blood flowing and unblock the flow of energy throughout your body. Don’t just go for the full body massage; try a facial or foot massage. Kids will enjoy this type of pampering too.

* Play – All movement doesn’t need to be structured. After dinner, throw the ball around in the backyard. Spend a Saturday morning playing volleyball or kickball. Play is not only good for your muscles but also your mind. Sharing a laugh with the family stimulates the release of endorphins which heightens mood and makes for beautiful memories.

* Get some vitamin D – This is the sun vitamin. Many of us don’t get outside because we are too busy. This is also the techie generation that spends a lot of time indoors. Make time each day to get your family outside to soak up some vitamin D the old-fashioned way. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium which is important for strong bones.