High Heels Cause Problem Feet

Why do we wear high-heeled shoes? In a word, they make our calves look touchable. No matter what your size, heels can accentuate the back of your leg like nothing else. But, there is a downside here. Heels are not friendly to your feet.

Many of us wear heels on occasion. When we go out to dinner or to a special play or recital we bring them along. They are a part of dressing up. But, have you ever had to rub your calves or your toes when you get home?

This is because of the way that heels make our bodies work. Most heels elevate our feet. That is why the calves look so good. Normally, the foot has an arch that is elevated in the center of the foot. If you look at a footprint in sand, you will see the toes and ball of the foot along with the heel in a normal foot.

When you wear heels, the entire foot is elevated so that the weight of your body is on the ball and the toes of your feet. Since this is not the normal position of the foot, that can cause problems for this area of the foot. Running in heels is really bad because it facilitates pounding on those small bones. Already, the feet feel the pressure of three times your body weight with each step.

Women who wear heels can, over time, experience foot ailments like:

* Hammertoe
* Bunions
* Calluses

You can avoid that and love your heels with a few simple changes.

* Opt for wedge heels – Wedge heels are not as high and distribute the weight more evenly across the foot. They are considered stylish and can still accentuate the calves.

* Use orthotic insoles – This can cushion each step in heels so that your foot is more protected and the leg doesn’t feel the shock.

* Choose open-toed varieties – Higher heels can cause the foot to push forward so that the toes get crushed in the front of the shoe. With open toes, the little piggies have some place to go so that they are not being jammed up.

* Take a break – Even if you wear heels at work, remove them and wear a sensible shoe when at your desk. Even a slipper will give your foot some relief from being in those shoes all day. Remember to keep the feet elevated on a platform so they don’t swell and possibly don't fit back into your heels at the end of the day.