Kids Feet Care

They run, jump, slide, get stubbed and stepped on by other feet. With kids, it is important to keep an eye on the feet to head off any potential problems while they are still young.

You were a kid once. You know how this works. Kids love to play and will put up with a lot to get to go outside and play. This may mean ill-fitting shoes or no shoes at all or even an injury to the feet.

As a parent, it is our job to keep an eye on those precious little toes and feet to make sure they are looking the way that they should. Here are some pointers for parents as to how to ensure that their kids have healthy feet.

* Have their feet sized when they get new shoes – Kids don’t always know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in shoes. Having a professional use the foot sizer lets you know what size shoes to buy. Most people allow an extra half an inch for growth in the shoes. This is okay as long as it doesn’t cause the foot to slide and become calloused inside the shoe.

* Choose the right socks – This is just as important as choosing the right footwear. Feet that are constantly sweating can become dry and cracked inside the shoe. Socks that are thinner in the summer and made of wicking material allow the feet to get air and breathe. In the winter, thicker socks can insulate and help warm the feet so they avoid getting dry and cracked in the cold.

* Watch how they walk – You can tell if a child has high arches, low arches or fallen arches by the way that they walk. If their feet tend to roll inward, that means they are a pronator. When the feet roll out, they are supinating. These conditions can be corrected with proper footwear. For example, for pronators, shoes with an insert that holds the foot neutral keeps the foot from rolling and putting pressure on the knees and hips.

* Take a look at the toes – Kids won’t always tell you when their shoes get too small. Toenails that have no room to grow will begin to round and grow downward over the top of the toe. There could also be a problem with ingrown toenails. All shoes need room in the toe box (the top section of the shoe) for toes to wiggle a little and have room to grow. Cut toenails short and straight across to keep them from rounding the toes as well.

Most of the problems that children may have with their feet can be headed off at the pass with a little observation and intervention.