Your Life After Kids

The “empty nest syndrome” is that feeling of sadness and loss that accompanies your children leaving home for the last time. It could happen when they go to college or move out on their own. At first, you may be okay to have the house to yourself, but there will likely be a noticeable absence in your life.

For moms who stayed at home with their kids, the effect can be devastating. Your day revolved around the care of your family and now a big chunk of that is disappearing. It will be more important for you to discover a new dream and purpose now.

It will seem strange at first when you don’t have to rush home or take someone to practice. After work, you can just come home and do nothing if that’s what you want. That is the tip of the iceberg for living once the kids are gone.

Making Life Fulfilling Again

Here are some ways that you can regroup and get a handle on where your life is going.

* Find a job – For those who put their professional life on hold to care for the kids, a new job may be just what you need to fill the void in your day. You may not need the money but you can still benefit from the new stimuli and tasks.

* Take up the challenge – There will be a void, so aim to fill it. What do you like to do? Think back to the time before you had kids. Pursue something that you love once again. Be adventurous and learn a new skill. Don’t do it because you have to but because you want to.

* Spend time with your spouse – It is easy to lose touch during the years when your kids are growing up. Act like you are dating again. Forge new paths in your relationship. Take a trip that you’ve always wanted.

* Volunteer – Now that you have helped your children, help someone else. Volunteer work connects us with the world as a whole and gives us purpose. Many organizations around your city could use your expertise.

* Find projects to complete – There is sure to be something around the house that you have been dying to do for years. It might be planting a garden, building a deck, or painting a room or two. Once the kids are gone is the perfect time to get started.

* Spend time with friends – Call up those girlfriends who are also experiencing empty-nest syndrome and have some fun. Spend a day at the spa, do lunch or just get together and begin a book club. You have the time, so fill it with laughs and friendship.