Mambo Moms

Do you want to get back into shape after having had a baby, but finding it a challenge getting the baby to give you the time off? Want to spend time with your baby while getting fit? Then why not give The Mambo Moms: Fitness Fun for Baby & Mom DVD a try?

This DVD fitness program is based on Latin dance moves and is a gentle and fun workout for baby and mom. The upbeat Latin music lifts the spirit and creates a positive atmosphere for the two of you. The DVD runs for 75 minutes through a series of dance moves and strengthening and stretching exercises on the floor. Instructor Susan Peach explains in great detail every move, so that even dancing beginners can easily follow and have fun.

Most exercises and dance moves are designed for the baby to be carried by mom in a baby carrier on front or back. If the baby falls asleep, there are various sections moms can do on their own. Most babies love the Latin music and the dancing and cuddling – it’s a great way of calming a fussy baby.

The Mambo Moms DVD would be a fantastic gift for a new mom-to-be or for any mom who wants to have fun getting back into shape and still have quality time with their baby.