What Medical Conditions Prohibit Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise is a healthy way to stay fit during pregnancy. For a healthy woman, exercise strengthens muscles for a shorter labor and easier delivery. However, in some cases medical conditions prohibit exercise of any kind while pregnant.

Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, exercise is safe in moderation. There are times when certain conditions present themselves during pregnancy. If you begin to spot or cramp, see your doctor immediately. It could be nothing but it could also signal problems with the cervix or placenta. Any exercise will have to be stopped from that point on.

It is possible for a pregnant woman to develop gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes occurs when you experience high levels of blood sugar during pregnancy. The added hormones produced by the placenta during pregnancy can cause insulin resistance. Insulin is being produced but it is having no effect in the body. As a result, more and more insulin is produced, increasing the blood sugar.

Previous medical conditions before pregnancy can prohibit exercise during pregnancy. While you managed your high blood pressure or asthma before pregnancy, it becomes a more critical situation when a baby is present. Any type of exercise can increase your blood pressure to an unsafe level for your baby.

Asthma makes it hard to breathe under the best of circumstances and your lower level of oxygen affects the baby too. It is important to keep asthma under control as much as possible.

Heart disease is another medical condition that prohibits exercise. Depending on your heart condition, bed rest may be advised. Physical activity could cause further heart problems that would compromise your pregnancy.

When you become pregnant, your doctor will take a detailed history. If you have had a history of miscarriages, exercise will be taken off the table. Any increase in physical activity could contribute to another miscarriage. It is a chance a doctor won’t take with your health and that of your unborn child.

Each month you go in to see your doctor for an exam, inform him of changes to your body. Any new developments that will threaten you or your baby can keep you from being permitted to exercise. Listen to your doctor’s advice for your protection.
Even without exercise you can still maintain a healthy pregnancy and easy labor. Kegel exercises are encouraged for all women throughout their pregnancy. It is a strengthening move and not strenuous.

In lieu of exercise, a doctor may prescribe a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. Eating right will nourish your baby and promote healthy development. You can still avoid gaining too much weight with smart food choices.

Certain medical conditions prohibit exercise during pregnancy. Even if you exercised before pregnancy, follow the doctor’s orders for a healthy pregnancy.