Meridian Therapy

Meridian therapy is an alternative procedure for reducing stress and freeing your body from toxins. It is similar to acupressure in its applications. Meridian therapy releases blocked energy for total body health.

The name of the therapy refers to the lines of energy that run throughout the body. There are twelve meridian lines that run along the body, six on each side. There are also two unpaired meridian lines: one along the front midline and one along the back midline of the body. According to ancient Oriental teachings of healing, energy runs along these lines. This energy flow or ki (pronounced chee) is the life force of the body.

The flow of ki must run unobstructed in the body for optimal health. When the flow is interrupted, then the person gets sick in the body. This sickness can manifest itself as headaches, intestinal trouble, tiredness, depression or any number of conditions that people experience every day. According to meridian therapy, their ki is blocked along a meridian and must be unblocked to restore balance.

Meridian therapy used pressure points along these meridians to unblock the energy flow in the body. Each meridian corresponds to certain organs in the body. Those organs can be reached through pressure on the meridian. A meridian therapist learns how to touch and apply pressure to the exact point that will unblock the ki.

Using a meridian map of sorts, the meridian therapist can trace a particular line of ki that will most likely be of help depending on the client’s symptoms. If the client feels a tender spot when the therapist is moving along the meridian, it could be the site of the energy blockage. Usually blocked energy is accompanied by tenderness around that area of the body.

Energy flow blockages associated with certain organs along a meridian have also been associated with emotional changes in the body. A problem with the liver, for example, causing a weak meridian line can result in short-temperedness. On the opposite end of the scale, an overactive liver can be associated with crying spells.

Magnets are often used in meridian therapy to trace meridian lines and to see which way they are flowing. Flow in the opposite direction can signal that there is an infection or some other disease process going on in the body.

It is the job of the meridian therapist to use their knowledge of meridians within the body and their associated organs and emotional states to plan a session for their clients. Meridian therapy is a complementary alternative therapy that works with modern medicine. Any alternative or complementary therapy is not a substitute for proper medical guidance. Use it to enhance the treatment you are being given from your doctor.