Obesity and Self-Esteem

Obesity is a pandemic, but more importantly it can cause great emotional stress on any child faced with being overweight. It is important that we not only address the weight issue, but the underlying turbulence associated with this condition.

We have to reach out to overweight children and not bemoan the fact they are heavy, but help them to achieve all they want in life by giving them the tools and the direction to achieve success.

While children will always be competing with their peers for attention, and while there will always be advertisements promoting thinness as being the ultimate way to look; we have to emphasize to our children that it is not how they look, but how they can maintain a healthy diet and exercise program which keeps them strong and free from disease.

As parents, we love our children and would do anything for them. All we can do is ride the storm with them in a supportive and loving manner. Dieting is not easy; and children should never be given any substances to curb their eating habits; but we can recognize that weight issues can be genetic; can be a result of inner angst; and can be a call for help.

Obesity has become a critical issue for adults as well as children. In ten years time, it is estimated that everyone in this nation will be considered obese.

We need to listen; become proactive; and give our kids the attention and unwavering commitment to see them through this difficult time.