Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids Ages 11-18

The "Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids Ages 11 - 18" is, in my opinion, a really effective tool kit for your pre-teen/teen. Teens like adults worry a lot these days. If you have a worried teenager, you know how difficult it is, as a parent, to dispel their anxiety and fears about certain issues. Teens can worry about lots of things, such as friends, peer pressure, school and exams, their future, illness, dangers etc. Equipped with the right stress-reducing and empowering tools, your teenager will be able to step above the worry and start to be more confident in facing their fears and anxieties.

The kit is made out of 20 cards with different and easy to learn coping skills and techniques. They cover the most common fears and worries of teenagers these days and give appropriate coping techniques in easy to understand language. This card set will definitively appeal to your youngster. Each card looks like, and is, the size of a CD with attractive, colorful designs. The cards are contained in a "CD" case that can be zipped up for easy storage.

As parents, we don't want our teenagers to worry and fear about their future and everyday life. We would do anything to help them grow more confident in coping with their worries and fears. In my opinion, the "Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit" is certainly worth investing in to help your teen on the way to becoming a happy and self-confident young adult.