Positive Attitude

Have you noticed people with a positive attitude always seem to have a crowd around them? They light a room when they enter; friends are always inviting them over to their homes; and the general mood among those who hang out with positive people is a happy one.

Here are a few examples. Perhaps you’ve had a bad day and your kids come home after school. They are having a conversation then suddenly bust out into laughter. A smile comes over your face and you begin laughing too. Kids; you have to love ‘em!

Teachers are under a great deal of pressure, and sometimes they come to the main office just to catch a breather. One day they came in and found the office staff in hysterics over something one of them said. Suddenly, the teachers started laughing as well. They didn’t know why, they just did. They remarked how they just loved coming to the main office because it not only cheered them up, but they forget about their problems.

Family get-togethers also invoke funny stories that put everyone in a great mood, right? There is always one family member who has people rolling on the floor laughing out loud. This is the kind of positive attitude that affects everyone. Even the shyest person will chime in and people will look and begin to laugh, not at the person but at the unknown personality hidden all this time.

It’s all about attitude. If you are an upbeat kind of person whose world view is positive and uplifting, you will never have a lack of friends or people who want to be close to you. Whether at home or at work, it's all about one's attitude that changes a person’s entire persona. They light up, smile more often and, yes, even tell their own anecdotes.

It never fails; just when you think you have had enough a person behind you or within hearing distance will say something so outrageously funny that you forget why you’ve had enough. It’s all about attitude.