Raw Food Snacks

What Are Raw Foods?

Raw foods are foods that are eaten in their natural states. These foods don’t have to be cooked since cooking may remove nutrients that are important to your body.

Some people eat only raw foods. There are many benefits. They provide more nutrients than processed foods. Raw foods also contain the enzymes needed to break them down.

Raw foods are also alkaline. It is believed that eating a diet high in acidic foods can make you fat. Some examples are cheeses, animal meats, coffee, cookies and sweets and dairy foods. Eating these foods can change the pH in your intestines to crave acidic foods which could make you fatter overall.

Choosing more fruits and vegetables that can be eaten in their natural state increases the alkalinity of your body and your weight loss. This is not only a good way to stay healthy for you but also your family.

Kids learn their eating habits from their parents. If we eat processed foods and lots of sugars, they will also. It can lead to childhood obesity, lack of exercise and an increase in diseases that strike due to poor health.

Counteract this with raw food snacks. Kids love foods that they can carry in their hands. Raw foods keep longer and can be carried around with you for meals on the run.

Raw foods don’t have to be tasteless. Condiments and spices can be used to create delicious dishes. Let’s think about dips. We often use cheese dips or high-calorie mayonnaise-based ones for our fruits and veggies. The fat in the dips outweighs eating the vegetables.

How about hummus? You can make it yourself by grounding up chickpeas. Add spices to flavor it so your veggies get an extra kick. Fat-free yogurt is also a good choice.

What about other raw food sources? Fruits have natural sugars in them that can satisfy the sugar cravings without raising your blood sugar. Mixing them together in smoothies can give your kids a taste of how to enjoy the natural sweetness of foods.

Even vegetables like carrots have a natural sweetness. When you juice them, the flavor of the vegetables is easier to taste. Even crunching on a carrot yields a flavor that is not found in carrots that have been boiled or canned.

Other raw food snacks include assorted fruits and vegetables, raw grains (spelt, sesame, buckwheat, oats, and barley), fish, milk, cheese and honey. Create whole grain bars, trail mix, cheese snacks and other foods that will provide nutrients for your body.

Raw food snacks provide lots of healthy vitamins and minerals for your body. Introduce your children to them today.