Raw Foods: Better For Your Health

What do you eat more of – raw foods or processed foods? If you have a hectic schedule, fast foods may fit into your plan but they are not the healthiest for your body. Find out the benefits of eating raw foods and how to fit them into your lifestyle.

What is it about raw foods that have people gravitating towards them? Raw foods were meant to be digested by your body. Processed foods came along as a way of preserving meats and other perishables. The refrigerator used to be called an ice box because it really was a box of ice that kept fresh meats and other foods cold until ready to eat. Salting and sugaring came into use as preservatives in lieu of using the ice box.

Raw foods are edible in their natural state. A little washing gets the dirt off but otherwise they can be eaten fresh out of the garden. Think of tomatoes, strawberries, green beans, cantaloupe and other foods. When eaten fresh, all of the nutrients inside are transferred to your body where they can be used.

Food that contains no preservatives or processes that alter their natural state are easier to digest in the body. Raw foods from plant sources contain their own enzymes to aid in digestion. The reason is that plants are living things. Less effort is needed by the body to produce enzymes to break down these foods.

That is not the case with processed foods or processed fruits and vegetables. The pasteurization process removes any harmful bacteria, which is good. The heating process, however, removes major nutrients that are the reason for eating fruits and vegetables in the first place. Added preservatives need enzymes manufactured by the body to break them down for nutrient use.

Raw foods contain natural sugars which can feed the sweet cravings we have developed over time spent eating processed foods. It takes longer for raw foods to digest, meaning you are not hungry as often and your blood sugar remains stable throughout the day. Want to give your kids fruit juice? Juice the fruit yourself for a natural sugary taste that provides a bundle of good vitamins and minerals. Your kids will love the natural taste of raw foods when they are started on that type of diet from a young age.

There are foods like potatoes, cabbage and sweet potatoes that are cooked before eaten. Cooking these raw foods at home supplies more nutrients than the canning process. You can make sure that they are not overcooked and therefore lacking much nutritional value.

It’s not realistic to think that you will eat raw foods all the time. Meat can’t be eaten raw and most people aren’t willing to give it up. But, there is a solution. Eat your meat, but eat it in limited quantities while filling up on raw foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts.