Reiki Benefits Explained

Alternative and complementary therapies are popping up all over. People are looking for non-invasive answers to what ails them instead of always opting for surgery. One of those complementary healing techniques is Reiki.

What is Reiki? Reiki is a healing therapy that works with modern medical techniques, hence the name “complementary.” Reiki uses hands-on techniques to channel energy from the Reiki master to the client and thus heal them. With this form of healing, it is not only the energy of the receiver but also the energy and balance of the Reiki healer.

Reiki healing works to restore the energy flow or ki (pronounced chee) within the body. Stress can obstruct the flow of energy throughout the body. If there is disease going on in the body, energy flow or ki can be low and the body can still be out of balance. The Reiki healer introduces energy from a limitless divine source into the body of the client to aid in healing the body.

This form of healing was originally started in Tibet. A renewed form of the healing technique was developed by a Japanese Buddhist and named Reiki which means “universal life force energy.” This universal life force has many names: God, Buddha, Love, Ki, etc). It connects all of us together through this “one energy.” The Reiki master taps into this energy through their training.

A Reiki master is familiar with the energy flow of the body and how they can tap into and change that energy with their own energy through the laying on of hands. Through Reiki training, practitioners learn about how to channel that energy through intention. The person being healed is also interested in healing themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually and takes an active role in the process. When this intention is strong, a Reiki healer can affect changes in the body of an individual even from far away without physical contact taking place.

Reiki healing has many health benefits. A healer can use the joining of the energies to relieve such imbalances caused by depression, stress, anxiety, worry, build-up of toxins in the body, trauma, injury, negative thoughts and others. These conditions manifest themselves in many ways within the body.

Reiki masters use their training to benefit the body in many ways:

* Better sleep patterns
* Lower blood pressure
* Pain relief
* Boosting immune system function
* Emotional and spiritual growth
* Detoxification
* Unblocking ki energy

Reiki healing is a complementary hands-on therapy used to restore the flow of energy in the body by channeling energy through a master practitioner to the client. It is good for those suffering from stress as it helps relieve the symptoms and restore balance to the body. The energy flow of the Reiki healer also assists the client in their own healing in the body when they are sick.