Relax Mind and Body: Meditations to Soothe and Center

Relax Mind and Body is a guided meditation CD by KRS Edstrom, a speaker, author and advice columnist. The CD is part of the Inner Master Series, which include other meditation CDs, such as Conquer Stress, Sleep Through Insomnia and Defeat Pain.

The CD is a fantastic tool to help you to find your inner balance and strength and stay calm in stressful situations. KRS Edstrom’s voice is gentle and soothing and I felt an immediate calm come over me. She guides you through a set of meditation and visual guidance exercises you can draw on whenever the going seems to be a bit tough and you are in need of “time out” and inner centering. The background instrumental music gives you an instant feeling of letting go of the weight that you are carrying.

You learn to focus on your breathing, recognize tension in your body (for example your forehead), acknowledge it and learn to let it go. With the help of these exercises, your world will look a lot better and you will feel a heightened sense of wellbeing. Learning to be calm also has a positive effect on your health, i.e. lowers high blood pressure and eases back pain and headaches.

Overall, if you want to treat yourself to some much needed relaxation, this CD by KRS Edstrom would make the world of difference to your life. It will give you a stronger sense of balance, calms your body and mind and increases your awareness and enjoyment of life.