What is Samadhi?

Samadhi is a type of meditation state that is a tenet of many kinds of yoga practices. In eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, it is a state of consciousness that is above most others and hard to reach.

Meditation is used to help you focus on a single thing. If you are meditating to free your mind of negative thought, then your focus will be positive energy. In yoga, meditation is one way of bridging the gap between the mind and the body. You concentrate on your breathing and also how your body feels to better control it.

Samadhi is a state of spiritual consciousness where the focus is so complete you feel like you are on another plane entirely. You are moving in a separate realm of consciousness from the one that we currently exist in.

There are different levels of Samadhi that can be reached through meditation and practice. The lowest level is Savikalpa Samadhi. Here, you can achieve a transcendental state where you are no longer on the human plane of consciousness. Those who have experienced it are aware of a shift in space and time.

In this meditative state, a person can see who they are and who they are supposed to be with clarity. You are aware of things that don’t penetrate the mind in the human body. After the meditation period is over, you are aware of yourself again and return to normal human consciousness.

The next level is Nirvikalpa Samadhi. In this state you can be freed from your mind. You hear things all around you but they don’t bother or affect you. In Nirvikalpa, your goal is to become one with your soul.

Some describe it as the mind as we know it melting away so that all you see and feel is peace wherever you are. The perception of things is different because you have been released from the confines of conventional human thinking. You are hitting on deeper levels of meditation, much like a self-induced trance.

Because of the joy of this state, returning to a normal human consciousness takes some time. Instead of waking and immediately knowing who you are and where you are like in Savikalpa, it takes a bit of time to settle back into your human state.

Many spiritual masters strive to achieve this state, and do. But there is one even higher called Sahaja Samadhi. Here, you are so above things here that sometimes, the consciousness of the person doesn’t return to the body but remains on that highest of planes. It is thought to reflect being with God.

Samadhi is a high state of consciousness achieved through spiritual practice and meditation. It is a practice of Indian and other eastern religions.