Senior Health Issues

While some of us may have never been seriously ill a day in our lives, there will come a time our hearing may not be as keen; our vision may falter; the ability to walk up and down flights of stairs may become difficult; or handling the simplest task may cause aches and pains.

There are so many senior health conditions today such as: arthritis; osteoporosis; diabetes; prostate problems; cancer; Alzheimer’s and a myriad of conditions which begin to surface as we age. These are issues which seniors face on a daily basis, and for which the medical community has made great advances in research.

In our parents’ day, if they encountered a physical problem, they used homemade remedies and went on with their day. They never took pills or had surgical procedures unless it was life threatening. Their meals consisted of beans and escarole; pasta; soups; vegetables; and fruits.

Today, there are diet plans consisting of pre-packaged meals; diet shakes; diet pills; and diets with fancy names and packaging to go along with it. There are exercise books; DVDs; specialized gyms; CDs promoting subliminal messages for a healthier you; acupuncture; and a host of diet and exercise programs which promise quick results. In addition, there are medications designed for every conceivable senior health condition encountered.

One has to wonder; other than the pharmaceutical companies, the diet companies; and the authors of the books and exercise tapes, who are raking in millions of dollars, are we really benefiting from any of this stuff?

There was a book by Kevin Trudeau entitled “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know About. In it, Mr. Trudeau discussed many of the physical ailments suffered by many younger and older men and women; and how they could be treated using homeopathic remedies.

While the premise of the book asserts that pharmaceuticals companies are making money by promoting certain drugs may be true, it gives one pause when reading about homemade remedies which could alleviate much of the problems we face.