Skin Cancer

The skin is actually the largest organ in the body. It can develop cancerous lesions just like the other systems of your body. Many people don’t think about skin cancer as being serious or as being a problem, especially if they don’t know what to look for.

But, there are always ways to protect yourself from it. Here are some tips to increase your fun and lower your cancer risk this year.

* Wear sunscreen – The difference between sunscreen and sun block is that the sunscreen will only allow a small amount of radiation to enter the skin from the sun. Sun block doesn’t allow any radiation to come through. You can still get bronzed without the danger of UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and can do more extensive damage. Try SPF 45 or higher.

* Wear hats – Be sure it has a wide brim. Since most people avoid the eye area or the face altogether when applying sunscreen, a hat can protect the delicate skin on your face from aging and wrinkling.

* Drink lots of water – Water keeps skin supple and hydrated during the summer. Healthier skin is better able to handle exposure to the sun.

* Use waterproof sunscreen at the beach – Kids love to frolic and play in the water, but all sunscreens are not compatible. Use a waterproof brand and apply all over the body. Reapply every two hours for the duration of the time you spend in the water.

* Wear sunglasses – They further protect the skin on your face and your eyes. Look for specs that have lenses treated for UVA and UVB radiation.

* Wear lightweight light-colored clothing – Even walking around in the sun when you are not on the beach can lead to skin damage for exposed areas. Wearing long sleeve blouses or shirts and pants made of light material can keep you cool while also protecting you from harmful rays.

* Use make-up that performs double duty – Most beauty products these days contains some level of SPF. If you wear foundation, lipstick, lip gloss and other make-up, look for products with added SPF for extra protection.

* Wear sun block when appropriate – When hanging out in sunny places, sun block can keep all rays from penetrating the skin. This is good for small children, babies, and the elderly.