What is Slimline Shopping?

Grocery shopping is a fact of life. We must eat to live. Unfortunately, some of our food choices don’t bear that out. The next time you go to the grocery store, have your game face on.

Have you ever noticed how hungry you are after a grocery shopping trip? That is not uncommon if you went to the store hungry in the first place. All of the aromas mingle to make you salivate - especially if your grocery store has a bakery, deli and store employees giving away free food samples.

You don’t have to face this temptation alone. Have a game plan so you won’t even feel like having that snack or reaching for two half gallons of Rocky Road.

First of all, have a list. Those who shop without one are doomed to pick up everything in the store except what they needed. If you plan your meals a week at a time, your grocery list will cover everything that you need without making another trip. You can write up your list aisle by aisle if the grocery store is familiar to you.

Next, eat a snack before going to the grocery store. If you go first thing in the morning, eat your breakfast. After work, having a small granola bar or piece of fruit nearby will hold your stomach off long enough to get your shopping done without incident.

The first section in the store is usually the produce. Here you’ll find fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Cooking at home is always good when everyone is trying to manage their weight and fresh ingredients make your dishes taste even better. When fresh is not available (usually for out of season produce), the frozen variety is a good second choice.

Continue moving around the outside of the store. You’ll see fresh, lean cuts of meat. Avoid hitting the deli with their fried chicken. You can buy chicken breasts and coat them in breadcrumbs or crushed crackers for a healthier dinner. The outer aisles also contain healthier snacks. You’ll find yogurt and gelatin in the cold section as well as low-fat puddings.

Stick to the basics. It is easier to buy a box of ready-made macaroni and cheese, but buying dried macaroni and a block of low-fat cheese makes a healthier meal and it is cheaper than buying the prepared stuff.

Avoid the soft drink aisle if at all possible. You can make your family tasty drinks with flavor packets and bottled water. Even better would be purchasing reusable water bottles and refrigerating them until you are ready to add your flavoring.

Who knew that grocery shopping could be so treacherous? We don’t mean to sabotage our healthy habits but we sometimes do. Using the tips above can help you to stay on track on each and every visit.