Sonoma Diet Plan

The Sonoma Diet Plan has three phases. The first phase lasts for ten days. You are given prepared breakfasts, lunches, and dinners which consists of healthy recipes. In addition, you can use their online recipes to make substitutions to your prepared meals.

Phase two is considered the “meat and potatoes” part of the diet plan. You will remain in this phase until you lose the desired weight.

Phase three consists of maintenance now that you have reached your goal.

This diet plan gives you the opportunity to look at food in a different way, to change your way of eating, and to reap the benefits of learning how to eat and enjoy your food at the same time.

Portion control is utilized as well as over 500 recipes which are yours to prepare on this plan. In addition, a meal planner is provided, shopping lists, and best of all you will be enjoying fresh, health, and delicious foods that are easy to prepare.

The concept is a unique one as evidenced by the statement made on their website: “There’s no diet food here.”

Among all of the diet programs available, there are very few who offer a plan that doesn’t include diet food. Moreover, this plan offers more freedom to choose meals if you are not satisfied with some of their selected pre-packaged foods.

If you are looking for a diet that offers another alternative to losing weight, try the Sonoma Diet. It is also recommended that an exercise program accompany the diet plan as well.

Diet plans can be a frustrating and sometimes expensive endeavor. The main ingredient for any diet plan is to stick to it. While some have extolled the virtues of several popular plans, the truth is they are only as good as those who are willing to see it through.