Summer Slumber

Tips to Sleep in the Heat

* Exercise early – It takes a while for the body to cool off, especially when it is overheated by exercise. In the summertime, try to avoid physical activity late in the day or in the evening. Your body may still be warm at bedtime and cause you to toss and turn longer at night.

* Use a ceiling fan – If you can, let your light fixture in your bedroom do double duty. A ceiling fan can recirculate the air in your room, providing a cool current while you sleep. It is a light breeze that can be just what the doctor ordered.

* Make your bed – Sometimes all we need is that first burst of coolness as we slip beneath the sheets. Bedding stays cooler when you keep it covered up. Also, if your pillow feels warm to your face, turn it over at regular intervals. The fresh cool surface against your skin can make you more comfortable and promote sleep.

* Take a shower – In the heat, take a nice cool shower before bed. This helps to lower your body temperature. Also, leave some moisture on your skin. Once the air hits it you will feel a cooling effect.

* Sleep downstairs – Heat rises. If your bedroom is on the second level, the answer may be taking a temporary trip to the lower level during the height of the summer season.

* Adjust your bedtime apparel – Flannel pajamas are out. So are pajamas period if you are a person who is prone to feeling the heat. Try changing the material. Silk or cotton is more conducive to sleep in the heat.

* Change your bedding – No flannel sheets on that bed. Go for silk or cotton to keep you fresh at night.

* Drink deep – Cool yourself on the inside with a refreshing, cold glass of water. You can feel the water cooling your body as it travels through your system.

* Keep your feet out – When all else fails, go for the feet. Sometimes, keeping your feet out of the covers can help lower your overall body temperature. You can also try wearing damp socks to get the ball rolling.