Teen Sports

Playing sports in the summer is a twofold advantage. One, you are getting in shape to play in your local league. Two, you are staying in shape for the next school year. In the summer, we tend to take a break. That’s cool because you need a break from school. But, we also tend to take a break from our training regimen and go wild with the food.

Think of summer season as an extension of school sports only without the homework. Since the season may not start as soon as you get out of school, you might need to do a few things to prepare yourself. Here are some ideas:

* Create a training schedule – You will practice during the summer, but if you are new to a team and have to try out, you want to be in the best shape possible. Bone up on your skills ahead of time. Practice with a friend or sibling to get ready. Remember not to neglect weight training as you do cardio to improve your endurance. Much of the power from kicking, jumping and throwing comes for building that muscle tissue.

* Consider a personal trainer – This can be pricey but maybe your parents will spot you a few sessions if they know that you are serious about it. A personal trainer can show you what exercises and routines you need to perform to be ready for your sport. They can also give nutritional information.

* Schedule a physical exam with your doctor – He or she can do a thorough exam and answer any questions you have about aches, pains or old injuries. They can certify that you are in shape to play.

* Get your gear – In school, they provided the equipment, but in a summer league, you’ll have to get your own. Ask your coach what you will need and see what you can get at a discount if money is an issue (or even if it’s not). As a returning player, make sure that your gear is game ready before the first practice.

* Attend sports camp – There, you can meet up with friends from other schools and work on your skills. It gives you a chance to work with coaches who can help you get that edge you need to be your best.

If you are planning on playing a sport this summer, then you will start getting in gear as soon as classes end. Use the above tips to make sure that you are ready to play your best.